Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik-arkiv - Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

Under the comprehensive term LOCALS we will release classic plain wallpapers with our unique colour ID. Wallpapers which manage well on their own but also capture and emphasize the available selection for those who aim at matching.

Master dyer Thomas Johansson and Master printer Ann Merlander have with great commitment worked on producing the absolutely most sustainable and harmonious colour palette for Lake View. The inspiration is local – Lake Åsunden in our home town Ulricehamn.

An early September morning by the lake owns the whole colour spectrum of LAKE VIEW. The colour scheme and even the names of the wallpapers have been inspired by the first frost, the reeds closest to the shoreline, the blushing morning sky and the light veils of mist over the glassy waters which indicate that the temperatures of the cold night will give way to a warm and beautiful autumn day.

The wallpaper collection LAKE VIEW consists of seven shades in two different designs – one monochrome wallpaper and a version with a more textile texture. The latter has been given the ending Tactile since you cannot resist passing your hand over the wallpaper.


For everyone who want a contrast wall and a perfectly matching wallpaper we now have the pleasure to offer just that.

”Everyone who themselves tried to pick up a shade from a wallpaper, later to paint other walls with it, knows how difficult it is to find the right nuance and how the difference in the matt finish of the wallpaper and the colour of the surface don’t match.”

The matching possibilities for wallpapers from LAKE VIEW and already released wallpaper collections are numerous. Trying to keep up with Master dyer Thomas among the sample pieces when he eagerly shows us spot-on combinations is almost impossible. The joy and professional pride can definitely not be mistaken.

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