Studio Lisa Bengtsson-arkiv - Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

Lisa Bengtsson is one of Sweden’s most interesting designers. Her characteristic and colorful patterns has a unique expression which can’t be found anywhere else.

Lisa Bengtsson is not afraid to stand out. She is one of Sweden’s most expressive and vibrant designers and has over the years built a pattern treasure with everything from flying tigers to bold leopard prints. Graphic designer Lisa Bengtsson grew up in Gnosjö, Småland. She’s previously worked at a magazine, as an art director and studied graphic design at Berghs School of Communication. She then started her own design studio in 2007. This is where she creates her playful design products with the motto ”unique things with love, happiness and personality”.

Lisa’s very first wallpaper pattern was done during her degree project. The wallpaper got the name “Family”. It was printed in the wallpaper factory in Ulricehamn and quickly got the attention from media. This is what came to be a fun start on a longstanding collaboration between Lisa Bengtsson and Ulricehamns tapetfabrik.

There is joy and passion in everything that Lisa does, her original, big and lovely patterns demands space and fascinates. She creates with finesse and originality and her work leaves no one indifferent. Her vibrant mix of designs and colors of her work adorns any environment and her wallpaper art can be found all over the world.

A wallpaper signed Lisa Bengtsson is bold. Characterized by cocky exuberant playfulness and a generous color splendor.

Dare take out the turns of your own home. Let the wallpaper tell you who you are and want to be!

With humour and warmth she creates fantastic maximalistic patterns with personality both in color and detail. When we are working with Lisa we see her full focus along with lots of happiness and passion. Every hue in Lisa’s wallpapers has been carefully selected in close contact with the company color expert. Nothing gets left to chance.

We love Lisa’s expressive style and personal patterns and we are very proud to be able to present the collaboration between Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik and Studio Lisa Bengtsson.

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