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Camilla Lundsten is an incredible designer and entrepreneur with a product and a brand that speaks right to your heart. Her patterns are as imaginative as self-evident and impossible not to like. The colors, patterns and stories in her wallpapers creates perfect harmony between form and function.

It was love at first sight when Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik first met Camilla Lundsten. The brand Littlephant was founded in 2012 and is known for its smart, fun, inspiring and colorful products for kids and playful homes. Littlephant creates everything from beautiful textiles, cups, bags to smart accessories, decors for walls and books. The variety of products is brilliant and the only thing missing was wallpapers. And so the delightful Littlephant Wallpaper Collection came to be.

One of Camilla’s sources of inspiration is the subtle hues found i the Stockholm archipelago, where Camilla spent the summer of her childhood. The slightly somber, soft colors the collection presents feel natural, calm and joyful.

Littlephant encourages creativity and joy without losing focus on quality in every single detail.

Camilla has an admirable sure instinct when it comes to color, patterns and details. Everything with her name on it is well thought through with the greatest concern about the environment and the future. The personal style which defines everything she lays her hand on tells us that her patterns will be tomorrow classics.

Our collaboration with Camilla combine traditional craftsmanship with current ideas. With Littlephant’s huge pattern treasure in mind we are confident more new wallpapers will see the light of day in the future. We love the exuberant personality and energy that Camilla has, in combination with her commitment and awareness of quality and sustainability we are able to create products that speaks to the heart.


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