Långelid / Von Brömssen-arkiv - Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

Långelid/von Brömssen is a Swedish wallpaper brand by pattern designers Daniel Långelid and Emma von Brömsen. Together they have created a collection of beautiful wallpapers in widely different design expressions in collaboration with Ulrichamns Tapetfabrik. With its masterful color scheme, the collection unites in a bold timelessness.

Two of Sweden’ s best known pattern designers meet and are now creating wallpaper under a common brand name. The collection consists of 18 different patterns with two widely differing expressions. With its masterful colouring the collection unites in a bold timelessness.

The collection from Långelid/von Brömssen feels exciting and different. At the same time, it feels natural and sustainable. Daniel Långelid and Emma von Brömssen have both already created patterns decorating walls all over the world, and with their common brand the differences in their patterns give us powerful and exciting clashes of style. Each and every one of the collection’s patterns are characters on their own and inspires us to unexpected combinations.

Daniel’s and Emma’s wallpaper collection consists of 18 patterns. Every wallpaper is a carefully created handicraft object which has had time to grow in an organic process where the passionate cooperation between designers, master dyer and production has been the centre of attention.

”We didn’t want to control each other’s creativity but worked on our own terms, and then let our patterns join in the colour scheme.”

And it’s really in the colouring that the different patterns of Daniel and Emma find one another. In their nuances hares, sneak peeks into 17th century Sweden, rattan fabric and cabbage leaves feel exciting and naturally cool together.

The variation of patterns is born naturally when you, like Daniel and Emma, allow yourself to find inspiration anywhere. When you’re not looking for something particular or try to be unique. And the dynamic which is created when Daniel’s and Emma’s different expressions and patterns meet becomes fantastic. Eclectic and unpredictable. We like that!

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